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A. Anderson 

Slut Detox, Slapdash Queen and Calamity's Calling.

Risque personal-empowerment storylines, that'll keep you addicted from cover to cover.

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Calamity's Calling


Saucy, wicked, real.  J Redfern
Another canny read.  'S Wooton.
Leap frogging fiction.  R. Jones

'Calamity' they all called me as a kid, but never at work.  Not until Emily got promoted and opened her big trap.  Then she hit on our new boss (even though she'd only just got married) and I got so resentful I took my wrath out on the single parents claimants who called us for child maintenance help.
Our childhood cauldron of 'Junt' lies began to overboil.
Our new boss Grant was the key to my future babies, not hers.

My ovaries went on alert, so I...............................

Warning - potential trigger



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   Slapdash Queen

Mum's The Word!

'Really funny book.'  Andrea

'I laughed so much it hurt.  Gives new meaning to holiday sex. Cleverly written.'  J. K. Rowning.

'Teenage parenting horror story, so unforgettable.'  P. Peters.

'Emotional rollercoaster.'  C. Riva.


Jasmine's recent cancer scare has made her realise she isn’t going to have a happily ever after ending.  Her teenagers take her for granted more and more each day, so she jets off to think and celebrate her 50th birthday alone on Malta.

Back home her sons begin missing their 24/7 service and turn detective.  They find a photograph and story in the Maltese Weekly News claiming their Mum, is having overnight adventures with a young footballer.

Jasmine loves every saucy experimental minute of it, (sex wasn’t like this in the eighties) but the new press story is spreading.  It’s about to go viral.  Surely common sense will tell the boys, it’s not wise to spy on a parent who’s having fun. 

Is it?

She's 50, she's sassy and unforgettable.

She's you. She's me. She's the gal you've always wanted to be.



Slut Detox

He  proposed, promising never to call her a slut ever again, but why?  Something had changed and before she answered, she was going to have an adventure alone, let's call it a  hen party week to remember - alone.

'Honest, gritty and real.' R James
'Hooked from the beginning.' A Bakerstone

An adult, child prostitute runs away to discover who she was put on this earth to be.  Wouldn't you like to know how  what would happen if you dared to holiday alone? 


Life can only be lived forwards, but often only understood backwards..


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As a young child haircuts were crew cuts and bruises came blame wrapped. After a failed marriage Annie travelled to the Canaries 'with herself,' and realised life can be safe and fun after all.

Returning home Annie studied and graduated in Creative Writing, annoying the lecturers with her down to earth, quirky, risque, realistic writing.

She takes her protagonists from their chaotic comfort zones to lands that are hot and thrilling, combining her love for travel, empathy as a therapist, alongside ink. Her protagonists take long hard looks at their mortality and sexual identities as sensuality is key.


Life can only be lived forwards,but often only understood backwards.

 You’ll love the books and you will never forget the roller-coaster you've been taken on.  For Annie is a daring writer with a big heart.  She laughs and cries with her characters and sparkles with naughtiness.  

Slut Detox -

Aged twelve, Samira had the punch of a man and the speed of a rat as she scurried down alleyways avoiding police and capture from dirty old men with their trousers wrapped around their ankles. 

Happy to be stealing instead of studying, Samira was one tough street kid, that her teachers never bothered filing reports about because no sooner would they have done all their reporting, and she’d show her face, and then run away once their backs were turned.   Samira believed no one cared unless they wanted sex and this was backed up by the Police who would get her to turn tricks in the back of their vans. 

Sometimes Police would join in the annual communal ‘Round Samira up extravaganza’ but she’d be there with evil eyes threatening them with exposure, if they ever got her so close to being placed with a foster family.   By the age of fifteen she and the police couldn’t tell her facts from fiction. 


Sam knew that she was lucky because all the other street kids she’d met had ended up in foster families, but for Samira she’d rather sleep in the hospital’s skip than allow her heart to soften. Aged 16 she was addicted to crack cocaine and Social Services had washed their hands of her; then Jerrod came along in his flashy Audi , gold Rolex watch, and had ways to make her all his.


Now seven years and two children later, he got down onto one knee and proposed.

‘Will you call me slut everyday if I say yes?’  Was her reply. 

Then she thought; where the hell did that come from?

She steals the potential wedding money and her passport and jets off to find out who she really should be.

Slapdash Queen is based on Malta, where Jasmine's middle-aged eyelashes flutter and hormones race.  To her adult sons embarrassment, cameras flash too.  Unbeknown, her lip-chewing smile is being investigated back home and traces of her red-lipsticked trail are everywhere.

Calamity's Calling - 

Calamity’s Calling explores the story  of three girls from a council estate who were brought up by single parent mothers, whose main source of education came from overhearing their mother’s phone conversations to the Child Support Agency, as they begged for maintenance, respect and justice for years.

However the tables have turned because Sasha, Astrid and Emily now  work on the phone lines in the Maintenance for Children’s call centre.

This novel shares their vulnerability, aims for recognition, and their struggles to forgive themselves for taking part in historical sexual abuse alongside pretending to be the perfect employees as they try to function wholly in society whilst internally being psychologically threatened by memories. 

However snooty Emily has been promoted and the reprieve they used to feel by working seems to be disappearing as they sense office gossip is stirring.

This novel also follows another sexual abuse survivor’s true story when his father went missing on a SAS mission.  Once Mum realised father was not coming back, she commanded her twelve year old son to be the man of the house in every ‘single way.’

All these story lines intertwine with middle class governmental policies, procedures, un-professional boundaries and of course, it’s risque’.......


‘They don’t call Sasha a calamity for nothing.’  Emily regally states.



News of Jessop’s dismissal is circulating around the Maintenance for Children’s contact centre.   Their old team leader is being replaced by gorgeous, Grant Campbell for six months. 

Child maintenance phone calls are abandoned as office gossip starts to fly.




‘Lord have mercy on my ovaries.’   Sasha squeals.  ‘I’m bagsy-ing first dibs on his knee for the next six months. All I have to do is play my cards right and he’ll be the father of my babies in no time.  That’s if you- Emily, keep your snooty mouth shut in those stupid management meetings.  

And just so you know Emily, if you dare look down or snort at me once in his presence I’ll have you racing faster than Junt straight down to hell.’



‘Don’t get your hopes up Sasha.’  Astrid says.  ‘Emily will be straight onto his knee.  Don’t you know, she gets everything.   Look at her strutting in the heels one of us should be wearing.  After all we worked harder than her to get that promotion.’



‘I only get everything because I work harder than you two for it.’  Emily snipes.  ‘I’ve told both of you you’ll never get promoted or ever be called the most beautiful bride ever, if you keep pissing about at work and sleeping with every Tom Dick or Harry. Get yourselves speed dating instead of chasing the boss.  It’s the only way to meet someone, that’s how I met my darling Dwayne. 

Anyhow, I’m too busy supervising to flirt with Grant.  And I’m a happily married woman now.  In fact I actually think you two wouldn’t cope with being a supervisor. 

It’s hard don’t you know?

It’ll be even harder when I have a baby, but there again.  If you two babysit, that might put a stop to your - slutty broodiness.’

Where there is a moral line, Annie crosses it, then crosses it again.

Sharing our stories on park benches, is like letting air into our souls.  We all carry imaginary beach balls stuffed with problems, that we try to push down every second of our lives. In true British Bulldog style, we soldier on and pretend we are OK.

Well, no more! 

We have the power to change this, so let’s begin.


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‘Honest, powerful, saucy and completely un-put-down able.’


'Full of action. Well scribed, leaves you with powerful images.'


'Haven't read anything so insightful and full of honest perception for years.'